As an international sportsbook, 1xbet takes it’s client’s satisfaction seriously. Over the years, it developed a bad reputation for lack of player support, but recently has worked hard to improve on both customer care and its image. We take an in-depth look into what punters can expect from the bookie when they need assistance.

What is the level of Customer Support at 1xbet?

According to many players, the 1xbet support team is professional and knowledgeable, if you can get hold of them. The bookie has been known not to have the best service for English-speakers. That’s led to some misunderstandings and a fair amount of 1xbet complaints from people trying to access their money. 

Furthermore, there have been reports of 1xbet piracy videos used to advertise the bookmakers gambling services, and many of its adverts also appear on pirate sites. Although there isn’t a clear indication as to how the adverts are appearing on these sites, it most certainly has tarnished the bookie’s image to an extent. 

Player’s don’t want to associate with a provider that is pulling underhanded marketing tricks. The sportsbook has been trying hard to improve its service levels and reputation over the last few years. Its support department is multilingual and has increased the number of accessible languages.

The addition of the live chat function has helped to make things smoother when getting in touch. It seems the bookie has addressed many of the customer complaints concerning its support services. The delays reported a while ago seem to have decreased.

What are the options to contact support?

Players have several options available to them if they need assistance. On the contacts page, you’ll find a form that you can complete and send from the site. There are also various email addresses listed for specific departments which you can use to send from your desktop email provider. 

If you want to speak to a consultant directly, there’s a telephone number on the page for the 1XBet customer support team. The live chat option is especially convenient since you can chat with a representative and get help with your issue quickly. The department is available 24/7 for prompt assistance.

Alternative contact methods include a 1xbet support Twitter handle, WhatsApp, Imo and Signal. Help is available in several languages. We’ve listed a few common ones below.

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Greek 

What do other players think about 1xbet’s support?

Reviews of 1xbet client care services are a mixed bag. Customers have complained that the 1xbet support chat facility is slow in responding. Other players are satisfied with the service. It seems that the issues lie with the level of support and that there aren’t solutions to the specific problems that players have.  

Complaints focus mostly on problems regarding money withdrawals and unfair gaming practices. We’ve seen that the operator does attempt to keep the lines of communication open on various third party support platforms. However, the overall impression of many reviews is that players feel their problems aren’t solved. 

The bookie has tried to improve on its relations and support functions by providing punters with various options to reach out for help. The operator even has a 1xbet support telegram facility to ensure that its bettors get help via whatever platform suits them best.

How can we make Complaints at 1xbet?

There isn’t a specific complaint number or email address. It seems that any complaints need to follow the same communication channels as general queries. Players can contact the bookmaker via the 1xbet support email addresses listed on the site or any other support method listed. 

If you’re using the 1xbet mobile app, your best option will be the live chat facility for direct and instant contact. In case you’re unable to get any assistance through the usual digital channels, the next best way is to get hold of the company telephonically. 

If you’re specifically looking for details on how to recover a 1xbet account, you should contact support for assistance. To retrieve a password that you’ve forgotten, click on the login page, and then the ‘forgot password’ link. 

You’ll first need to enter your email or phone number. and then follow the instructions which you receive in your inbox. You’ll likely need to answer a 1xbet security question to regain access.

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  1. Rafi
    This bookie is giving me difficult time for verification and not allowing to me withdraw my winning. Their help support is rude and doesnt help. This site is aa scam please dont use it.